If your school is not at SCAPTP Member but would like to join so students can participate in the SCAPTP Match, click here.

School Administrators (i.e. DCTs) act as the primary interface between their students and the SCATPT Match.

Students should consult with their schools first to answer questions about the match process. Students should only contact PracticumFit if they run into a technical issue or wish to withdraw from the Match.

General Information for Program Admins

  1. All SCAPTP Members can review our Member FAQ for answers to general questions.
  2. The SCAPTP 22-23 Calendar can be found on the Welcome Page.
  3. Review the Student Information page to understand the basics of the Student process.
  4. Review instructions on how to use PracticumFit as a DCT

FAQs for Program Admins

Q: When can I invite students onto PracticumFit?

A: Students are typically invited in January or February. You should confirm any Captive Site matches before inviting those students onto the platform.

Q: How can my students access the SCAPTP Training Site Directory?

A: Before they have their own logins, students access the Directory using a Directory Viewer Login on PracticumFit, which you will provide to them as their School Admin. Directory Viewer Logins work year-round and don’t typically change from year to year. Using this login, only the sites that you have approved for that program are visible to the students.

To access the Directory Viewer Login Information for your programs:

  1. Log into PracticumFit as a School Administrator
  2. Visit the Program Overview page
  3. Select the program you’re interested in from the drop-down if you manage more than one.
  4. Copy the Directory Viewer email address and password.
  5. Send these credentials to your students whenever you wish.

Q: I have students in different cohorts or degree programs that I’d like to manage separately on PracticumFit. Is this possible?

A: Yes! Schools can administrate multiple Programs on PracticumFit, and manage track relationships and student groups separately for each one. If you need to add a Program to your school’s account, contact SCAPTP administration.

Q: Our school does a captive match with certain training sites. How does that fit in with the SCAPTP Match?

A: Please check out our Captive Match page here.

Q. I’d like to set a deadline for my students to select which sites they are applying to so I can review and approve their selections before they apply. Can I do this?

A: Yes! Each program can have its own Site List Lock Date set on the Program Overview page, after which students will not be able to change which sites they’ve selected. They’ll still be able to change which tracks their ranking and edit their rank order list up until the Ranking Deadline.