You must be a student in a participating Doctoral Program to join the SCAPTP Match.

Your school administration will be your main source of information throughout the match process, so reach out to them first with any questions.

Student Calendar of Dates – 2022-23 Match Cycle

Year-RoundTraining Site Profiles Accessible on PracticumFit
December 15, 2022Training Site Profiles Up-to-Date* for This Year’s Match
January 15, 2023DCTS Can Invite Students to Create Personal Accounts
February 24, 2023Default SCAPTP Deadline** For Practicum Applications
April 3, 2023 AT 11:59PMRank Lists Lock
April 10, 2023 AT 8AMMatch Day
April 10, 2023 AT NoonFree Agency Phase Opens

*Some sites may not have completed their updates by this time, but will be clearly marked on the Directory as incomplete.
**Please note, some sites may require a different application due date. Review the agency’s profile on the SCAPTP Directory to confirm.

General Student Information

  1. Review the General Student Instructions for the SCAPTP Match.
  2. Review the FAQs below.
  3. Reach out to your school with any questions you have.

General Student Instructions

Student FAQs

Q: How do I access the SCAPTP Training Site Directory?

A: The SCAPTP Training Site Directory is hosted on PracticumFit. You will need either a Directory Viewer Login or a personal account to view the directory.

Your school administrator can provide you with your program’s Directory Viewer login information.

Your directory view is filtered to only those sites which have been approved for you by your school program.

Q: How do I access my PracticumFit account?

A: Students need to be invited fresh each year to log in to PracticumFit. Your DCT (Director of Clinical Training) or another administrator at your school will invite you to participate, usually in January or February. If you had an account last year, you won’t be able to access it until you are invited again for the current match cycle.

Q: Should I activate a PracticumFit account if I’m waiting to hear about a position my school arranged for me at a captive site?

A: No. If you are in the running for a captive position, you should wait to activate your a PracticumFit account until you know whether the captive site has accepted you. Once you confirm that you are NOT matched with a captive site, and you need to enter the general SCAPTP Match, then you should activate your account on PracticumFit.

Q: Should I use a special browser or device to access PracticumFit?

A: Mobile, tablet, or desktop devices should be compatible with PracticumFit. We recommend using Chrome or Safari browsers to access the platform.