Q: How do SCAPTP Members communicate to share information?

A: SCAPTP Members share information via the SCAPTPServ email list, and meet quarterly via Zoom to address SCAPTP business. Meetings are usually at 10am on the first Mondays of March, June, October, and December. To be added to the SCAPTPServ list, contact SCAPTP Administration.

Q: How does an organization become a SCAPTP member school or training site?

A: Check our “How to Become a Member” page here, then reach out to contact SCAPTP Administration.

Q: Staff has changed at my organization. How can update who has access to our profile on PracticumFit?

A: Contact SCAPTP administration to update your administrator accounts on PracticumFit.

Q: Should I use a special browser or device to access PracticumFit?

A: Mobile, tablet, or desktop devices should be compatible with PracticumFit. We recommend using Chrome or Safari browsers to access the platform.

Q: I need an invoice to pay this year’s membership fee for my organization.

A: Member organizations can pay two ways: electronically or via check.

  • To pay electronically, log into PracticumFit and click the payment button on your landing page. You will be emailed a receipt after payment.
  • To pay via check, download the SCAPTP member invoice (found at the bottom of the page on SCAPTP.org). You can also access it here:

Q: My organization’s accounting requires a W-9 for the SCAPTP Membership payment. How do I get one?

A: If you need a W-9 for your organization’s accounting requirements, please contact PracticumFit.