FAQs and Helpful Documents

Q: How does an organization become a SCAPTP member school or training site?

A: Check our “How to Become a Member” page here, or reach out and Contact us.

Q: I’m a student. How to I participate in the SCAPTP Match?

A: You must be a student in a participating Doctoral Program to join the SCAPTP Match. Your Program’s Director of Clinical Training or another school administrator will invite you to participate on PracticumFit and can give you access to the SCAPTP Directory. Visit the “Students” page for more information.

Q: How do I pay the membership fee for my organization to participate in SCAPTP this year?

A: You can pay electronically using a link provided by PracticumFit (contact Support if you do not have this link) or you can mail a check. Here is this year’s generic invoice – SCAPTP Membership Dues Invoice (2022-23 Academic Year). If you need a W-9 for your organization’s accounting requirements, please contact PracticumFit.

Q: Where can I find SCAPTP’s Bylaws, Match Policies, and meeting minutes?

A: Click here to view Meeting Minutes from past SCAPTP meetings. Bylaws and Match Policies can be downloaded below:

Q: I am a Director of Clinical Training for a SCAPTP Doctoral Program. How can I learn what I need to do to help my students participate in the match?

A: Take a look at instructions on how to use PracticumFit as a DCT and as a Student here:

Q: I’m a Training Site Director. How do I use PracticumFit? How can I maximize the number of positions I fill in the SCAPTP match?

A: Take a look at the Instructions for Training Directors here: