Calendar of Dates – 2022-23 Match Cycle

October 24, 2022Training Site Directory Profile Updates Begin
December 15, 2022Directory Profile Updates Due
February 15, 2023Site and School Membership Fees must be paid
January 15, 2023Students can be invited by Schools
February 24, 2023SCAPTP Deadline for Practicum Applications**
Captive positions should be confirmed by this date.
April 3, 2023
at 11:59PM
Rank Lists Lock
April 10, 2023
at 8AM
Match Day
April 10, 2023
at Noon
Free Agency Phase Opens

**Please note, some sites may require a different application due date. Review the agency’s profile on the SCAPTP Directory to confirm.


The Southern California Association of Psychology Training Programs (SCAPTP) is an association of psychology graduate programs, internships, postdoctoral programs, and practicum programs. Our purpose is to promote excellence in psychology training at all levels, by providing opportunities to: 1) share concerns and problems in training, as well as useful training approaches and methods, 2) to adopt mutual procedures of benefit, 3) to support the development of training opportunities and programs for psychologists and their trainees, and 4) to give input as a group to other bodies whose actions affect psychology training, including the American Psychological Association, the Association of Psychology Post-doctoral and Internship Programs, the California Psychological Association, the California Board of Psychology, and the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC). 

SCAPTP was formed in 1996 as a voluntary association of representatives of Southern California psychology graduate programs in regionally accredited institutions, as well as psychology internships and post-doctoral programs meeting APPIC standards. Member representatives of area programs meet on a regular schedule to support high quality training, share program information and training ideas, provide issue-specific support and promote mutual problem-solving.

Directory, Electronic Match, General Communication

SCAPTP uses a web-based platform called PracticumFit to host our Directory of Training Sites and to facilitate the electronic match process. PracticumFit also provides general administration for SCAPTP throughout the academic year.

For detailed information about the electronic match policies and procedures, please download the Policies for this year’s Practicum Electronic Match document on the Bylaws and Policies page.

For practicum sites and graduate school programs interested in joining SCAPTP, please see our “How to Become a SCAPTP Member” page for more information on becoming a SCAPTP member.

SCAPTP members also communicate using a Google Groups Mailing List. You can reach the SCAPTP Google Groups Administrator via our Contact Page.