Some SCAPTP Schools and Training Sites maintain ‘captive’ relationships, where a site reserves a certain number of training positions for students at a specific school, and fills these with students from that school before the SCAPTP application cycle begins.

  • Captive relationships fall outside of the jurisdiction of the SCAPTP Electronic Match process. The process and requirements for filling them are privately determined between the site and school involved.
  • Captive positions are interviewed for and filled before the SCAPTP Match application cycle begins.
  • Students who make a captive match do not participate in the SCAPTP match.
  • Sites and schools with captive relationships may still participate in the SCAPTP Match with other students and additional training position openings.
  • Some reserved positions might be unfilled by the captive process, and then can become available to students in the main SCAPTP match at the discretion of the participating site.

Guidelines for Captive Relationships:

Captive Hiring Deadline: Captive matches should be confirmed prior to the SCAPTP student application deadline.

Students Applying to Captive Sites: Students who are in the running for a captive position, or who have been confirmed for a captive position, should not participate in the SCAPTP Match and do not need an account on for that year.

Captive Positions and Track Openings on PracticumFit: Training Sites that participate in a captive relationship should keep their Track Openings on PracticumFit up-to-date, and should not include ‘captive’ positions in their listing unless the captive process fails to fill them and the site would like to try to fill them via the SCAPTP Match.