How to Become a SCAPTP Member

Thank you for your interest in joining SCAPTP.  In order to apply for SCAPTP membership, please complete the following (all documents can be found at “Helpful SCAPTP Documents” page):

  1. Membership Application (on bottom half of brochure) to be mailed to Secretary Marjorie Graham-Howard:
  2. Membership Fee:  $100. Invoice is located on “Helpful SCAPTP Documents” page. If you prefer to pay via credit card (+ 3% processing fee), please let us know and we can generate an electronic invoice for you to pay online.

Once we receive application and membership fee, we will add you (and any other site contacts) to our mailing list and create a profile for a training site administrator on the PracticumFit website to create your profile on the website in preparation for electronic match in the Spring.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the SCAPTP Secretary Marjorie Graham-Howard: